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It's my personal blog and my post about what was my interested in. Not regularly. If you have any questions any discussion, I'm happy you get in touch with me, and try to answer as many as possible!

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Top 5 Apps of A.I and machine learning in Robotics

Top 5 Apps of A.I and machine learning in Robotics

Blog Summary

In this post, I am trying to collect some of the more prominent applications, along with references and links. Before we get into the real stuff, let’s dig into some of the basics of robotics and A.I. You may feel it’s simple in the initial stage, but it is not as you think.

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Why do you need data science today?

12 Jul 2020Category : Blog
Why do you need data science today?

Blog Summary

The Data science has become a boom in the current industry. It is one of the most popular technologies these days. Most of the statistics students want to learn data science. Because statistics is the building block of the machine learning algorithms. But most of the students don’t know how much statistics they need to know to start data science. To overcome this problem we are going to share with you the best ever tips on statistics for data science. In this blog, you are going to see which statistics are crucial to start with data science.

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Reducing bug leakages in micro services shared across multiple development teams

24 May 2020Category : Blog
Reducing bug leakages in micro services shared across multiple development teams
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I work in a software organization where change is frequent, to say the least. As a developer and part of a larger team building an e-commerce platform, we’ve more or less adapted to frequent changes in project management, development methodologies, testing ideologies, and of course now (given the current global pandemic), remote collaboration. This behavior-driven test strategy was developed within our team as a way to reduce bug leakages in mission-critical systems as our organization grew to include off-shore development teams (with product owners representing different customer interests)—and in order to ensure that the quality of the systems would not be affected by evolving engineering philosophies over the years.

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Hey there! I'm Mohammed Shiroz from Srilanka. I'm an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys challenges and achieving personal goals. I worked as a leading online design & development company that offers complete branding and market...

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