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It's my personal blog and my post about what was my interested in. Not regularly. If you have any questions any discussion, I'm happy you get in touch with me, and try to answer as many as possible!

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10 Golden Easy Steps to Rank Your Website

14 Feb 2020Category : Blog
10 Golden Easy Steps to Rank Your Website

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It’s an essential part of website SEO and in the following post, I'll show you the steps and tools you need to optimize your posts to help rank your website.

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Welcome to Project Jacquard

Welcome to Project Jacquard

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Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms.

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First steps with Gulp.js

First steps with Gulp.js
Tags : Knowledge

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Tasks must be repeated every time you make a change. You begin with good intentions but the infallible front end developer will forget to compress an image or two. Over time, tasks become increasingly arduous and time-consuming;

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Hey there! I'm Mohammed Shiroz from Srilanka. I'm an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys challenges and achieving personal goals. I worked as a leading online design & development company that offers complete branding and market...

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